Welcome to Tri Force! Here we have a goal set to grow and become one of the largest clans known to the world. Expanding to other games, we plan to span the great gaming community in multiple countries around the world, allowing our members to have other members to play with, no matter when they are on, or where they live.

Creating an environment where everyone can feel welcome and have a voice, is the largest goal of this family. No matter how young one might be, if welcomed into the family once, you will be part of the family. Whether you are a competitive member who hates to lose, or someone who just wants to enjoy the game and have fun doing it; you will always find a place, amongst the Tri Force family.

Choose yourself, how you want to be a part of this communal family. Rise in ranks committing yourself and efforts to the betterment of the clan, or avoid the politics of management in the clan. We become men of value, not men of success. For every man can be successful, but it takes effort to become a man of value. Nobody can cheat you out of ultimate success except for yourself; so fail not in solitude, but succeed with a family. Succeed with Tri Force, and become of value to a cause greater than yourself.